Auto Direct Message v2

The Simplest Tool to Automatically
Direct Message Your New Followers.

Connect With Twitter

$9.99 per month / Cancel Anytime / 7-Day Refund Guarantee
"Sending automessages for @SportsWonks has been absolutely awesome. It's increased personal engagement on Twitter and sign ups to our site. I couldn't be happier with the results."
- Jason Malki (@SportsWonks)

"Auto DM is simple to use and works seamlessly with Twitter."
- Desi Saran (@desisaran)

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- Johnny Appleseed (@appleseed)

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Works Around the Clock
ADM scans for new followers every hour and
sends messages them an automatic message.
Twitter Compliant
ADM works directly with Twitter's API and
is able to send up to 250 direct messages per day.
Delayed Sending
On average, a message is sent with a 30 minute delay
so it rarely looks like it was instant.
One Message Per Person
Once a person has been messages, they are added to a
"do not message list" in case they unfollow you then refollow.
Satisfaction Guarantee
Try it for a week, and if you don't like it, contact us for a full refund. If we can make this better, let us know too.